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Eternal Pill Emperor

Eternal Pill Emperor



Author : Dai Meng Xiao Xue Sheng

Publisher : babelnovel


When the first generation Emperor refined the Heaven Flames, he was ambushed by the eldest disciple. After a hundred years, he was accidentally reborn and rose up again. A disciple from a hundred years ago had already cultivated to Venerable One. A servant from a hundred years ago had also been conferred the title of Yan Prince. Her former beauties thought that he had a new lease on life, and that his personality had changed drastically. He had become a heartless Great Emperor, and had beheaded all the heartless people in the world. However, Gu Xuan, who had been reborn in a small and remote empire, had brought along the Fire Seed of Heaven Fire that was refined before his fall and became a Fighter with Heaven Fire Source Spirit …