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Evil CEO: Honey, Surrender to Me

Evil CEO: Honey, Surrender to Me



Author : man bu yun duan

Publisher : babelnovel


The first time they met, she was holding a handsome man's arm and walking past him. Her beautiful eyes were filled with happiness. The second time they met, her sad gaze had always been on a couple with dazzling starlight on the dance floor. She was huddled up in a corner. The third time they met, she unhesitatingly rejected his goodwill. Only then did he know that she loved that man so much. Sorrowless, the business tycoon, he was ruthless and merciless, yet he was extremely fond of his only lover and treated her like a treasure … It was rumored that he would not even give his life for that woman. It was also rumored that, in the end, he had married her. Years later, in a strange city, she tried to live for herself, but in a crowded street, she watched him carefully carry her wife out of the hospital. Under the bright and beautiful sunlight, she squatted on the busy street and silently cried …