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Evil Consort Can't Afford to Offend

Evil Consort Can't Afford to Offend

Historical Romance


Author : tian guo gan

Publisher : babelnovel


She was the direct daughter of the House of the Marquis. She was raped and colluded, and her entire family died horribly. She was poisoned to death in the cold court of the Palace. A wisp of wronged soul had yet to disperse, carrying with it a heart full of hatred at the time before she was reborn. In this life, she would not repeat the same mistakes again and again. She casually caught a grandson of the Black Emperor and found him pleasing to the eye, so she decided to help you ascend to the throne. In this life, to be gentle and virtuous, to be kind, to hell with it! In a conspiracy, what could be wrong with being ruthless and merciless! Anyone who dares to provoke this lady will absolutely not take revenge overnight!