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Evil Emperor

Evil Emperor



Author : A Mi

Publisher : babelnovel


The martial arts world was never a peaceful place. Using the name of the martial arts world as proof of the great changes in the martial arts world and the rivers and seas could never stop. There were people who failed, and there were people who succeeded. In the current martial arts world, Shaolin and Wudang had long since lost their momentum. Instead, it was replaced by "One Sect, Two Families, Seven Great Families" and "Golden Blade, Evil Sword, Dark Claw, Mysterious Sky Pill Phoenix". The news of the demonic sect annihilating the entire sect in one night quickly spread to Wu Lin. However, no one dared to bring it up. It was a mistake that made everyone ashamed and not want to bring it up until fifteen years later. The struggle in the official arena had tempered his evil, and the gentle and loving wife had allowed him to recognize his conscience once again. She had brought him out of the darkness and made him into a powerful figure, and the women in the martial arts world had pulled his conscience back, allowing him to change the way he lived and become the true godfather of the martial arts world. Evil Emperor.....