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Evil God Asura

Evil God Asura



Author : Chen Mo

Publisher : babelnovel


THE YOUNG MAN Luo Xiu ACHIEVED TO THE PEAK STEP BY STEP WITH THE FRAGMENTS OF THE ARTIFACT. A young called Luo Xiu accidentally obtained a fragment of an ancient artifact, which sent him an unexpected skill. Since then, he started his way of achieving on the peak of martial arts. He cultivated to the level of asura gradually. Then he fought against all the immortals and devils in this world, and finally took control of heaven. But there was reincarnation in the heavens and the earth, and when it was his destruction, he won again to rebirth. ☆About the Author☆ Chen Mo, a well-known online novelist, who has written many novels. is a very good book with beautiful writing and moving plots, which makes it easy for readers to enter the plots.