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Evil Husband s Unique Love

Evil Husband s Unique Love



Publisher : babelnovel


In order to force her first love, Xiao Mu Ting, to return to her side, Xia Wan had willingly fallen into depravity. However, Xiao Mu Ting didn't care about that. He still took the grudges of the previous generation seriously and placed it on Xia Wan. As a good friend of the two, Tang Shaofeng was worried about Xiao Mu Ting and Xia Wan. He spent every day by Xia Wan's side, beating up a lovebirds. After seeing Xia Wan's heart broken for Xiao Mu Ting every single time, Tang Shaofeng's heart felt as though it was being stabbed by knives. He decided to dig a wall: Xiao Mu Ting, you don't want her! I want her! After designing the marriage between Xia Wan and himself, Tang Shaofeng was finally able to have a beautiful woman return, but Xia Wan's heart was wavering. It was easy to get married, but hard to get married. Tang Shaofeng didn't believe it at all – he had money and looks, and he also had time to waste with Xia Wan.