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Evil King Chases after his Wife

Evil King Chases after his Wife

Fantasy Romance


Author : Zi Su

Publisher : babelnovel


She was the bastard who gave birth to a mute girl from General Mansion. She had no rights or rights without money or morals. She couldn't retaliate, she couldn't retort, she was despised by her family, and the marriage annulled by her husband's family. However, she wanted to see who would dare to bully her by even a little now! Just what happened to the Gui Wang who was known as the number one danger in Dongming? He actually threatened to marry her! She ran, he chased, she hid, he searched, and in the end, she even appeared before her disguised as a woman … Seeing his lips, a certain woman couldn't help but retort, "You came to Sunflower Dew? We're still going through the main entrance?! "