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Evil Prince's Crap Wild Consort

Evil Prince's Crap Wild Consort

Historical Romance


Author : Qing Jiu Wu Yin

Publisher : babelnovel


After an inexplicable death, the Mo family's most spiritual clan head turned into the Mo family's most useless trash. They had been plotting to track down the truth of his death, and their love had betrayed them. On the road to vengeance, he would cut down on thorns and dregs. A trash that defied the will of the heavens; there was nothing that could not be accomplished by refining medicine through the spirit. If you dare to provoke me, I'll make it so that you won't see the sun tomorrow! He, the king of the evil races, looked down on all living things, but he was only infatuated with her. He had used a life and death contract to buy her life, but he didn't want to lose it to her for the rest of his life. On the night of their wedding, she brazenly and naked threatened, "If you dare to be disloyal, I'll make sure you die without descendants …"