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Exclusive Honey of CEO

Exclusive Honey of CEO

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


"Peach Blossom Talisman, I'll let you have the Peach Blossom Fortune!" Because of a talisman, she was tightly encircled by that man. It was still not enough even after a night of being coiled around her, yet he actually wanted to surround her for a lifetime? But in the eyes of a certain young master, she was a "man". Defeating demons and exorcising demons were her responsibility, but compared to money, she chose the latter. She disguised herself as a man and walked like a peach blossom. Yet, she was snapped by that man … Leng Yuhan did not expect that the little guy would actually be able to see ghosts! And those women were playing with him. Did he not see that? What a fool! What happened to his good friend? Why did he have to do something to him? Was he not on guard at all? Contradictions, awkwardness, self-blame, reluctance, all of it became anger the moment they found out that she was a woman. "What I hate the most in my life is for others to lie to me, Annie. How do you want to be punished?" I... "Can I …" "An Tao Er rushed into Leng Ying Han's embrace." "Yes, very good. I accept this compensation!"