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Exquisite Telepathic Lady

Exquisite Telepathic Lady

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Three days ago, she was living a free life in the 21st century. However, there was an avalanche. She opens her eyes, finding herself have arrived in the new dynasty. And now she is Xiao Moxin who eloped with people but was caught back. Let it pass. But in less than a month, she will marry the third prince whose wife is said be cursed. Any woman who is betrothed to him would not come to a good end. They always die unexpectedly before they get married. The first woman was killed by thunder, the second suddenly fell to death... And Xiao Moxin is the fifth. She disguised herself as a man to catch ghosts, but met her fiance, Yuchi Ming, the third prince. It was precisely this female ghost who, because love but not own, killed the woman beside him. He wanted to find out the truth of the death of his mother's concubine with the help of her ability of seeing and summoning ghosts. And she also took this opportunity to propose the deal with him - in exchange for a letter of divorce. She thought the deal would be over, but she didn't know that his bond with her was just beginning... ☆About the Author☆ Jin Liu, a writer of romance novels, is the author of two ancient romance novels Exquisite Telepathic Lady and Raising Slaves As Concubine. Because the plot is creative and the writing is delicate, Jin Liu's novels are always popular with readers.