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Family Ye's Older Daughter

Family Ye's Older Daughter

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Ye Qimu, the president of an international group, had been struggling for so many years, but suddenly found out that he was terminally ill, or had been pitied by the heavens. He had actually traveled to a little girl from a rundown village in the Empire of Donghua, and in ancient times, his parents and siblings had been working all day and were all thin and yellow? She went alone up the mountain to look for food! Grandmother will squeeze it? She designed a branch family! The Zhuang family's aunt was a nice person, yet she sent him an egg? With a wave of his hand, he formed a gang and became rich! Who said that the sons and daughters of the peasants were the lowest? However, she was a bookseller, and business was a windfall. She had a handsome genius behind her, and he was determined to support her! Furthermore, the Ye Clan's daughter was full of admiration for him. She bore the heavy responsibility and was like a lotus blooming every step of the way. There would always be something wonderful about her! Join Collection