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Farmer's Pretty Chef Lady

Farmer's Pretty Chef Lady



Author : ye fen fan

Publisher : babelnovel


Once she was reborn, the peasants' daughters were hated on both sides, and her relatives despised her even before she was married at the age of nineteen! Bai He didn't give up in the slightest. He could compete in the highest quality, earn money, and use the Spatial Spirit Spring as a helper. She shed her scars and transformed into a beauty. Her blooming peach blossoms made people jealous! However, after the helpless, fat, and ugly husband was forced by her to lose weight and drink spiritual water, and became a modest gentleman, he could not get rid of him no matter what! My wife, you've deducted my meat from the past, so you should make it up to me today! So be it then! Chicken, duck, fish, or whatever you choose! So, can you get away from me? " It was a pity that this humble gentleman's background was not simple. In this life and for the rest of her life, she would not be able to make a comeback!