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Fate-Defying Consort and State Advisor

Fate-Defying Consort and State Advisor

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


She was the world's number one assassin, the trash of the Vermillion Bird Continent, Third Miss Chai. From then on, practicing magic, obtaining a top-grade space, controlling ancient divine beasts, refining medicinal herbs, and tormenting men and women, his days went up in the wind and the water. He was the number one Imperial Grandmaster of the Vermilion Bird Continent, a person with a mysterious background. When she met his light, it scattered everywhere. It was a fierce battle! She said, "Grand Imperial Adviser, you are lacking in training." He smiled. "Girls need to be reserved. Let me handle everything." When abstinent beautiful men transformed into wild beasts, they would pamper each other along the way!