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First-Class Maid Flirts Mr. General

First-Class Maid Flirts Mr. General

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


When he woke up, his eyes were red and the gongs and drums were ringing. Wait … Who was this man tied up like a mummy? What? The person who married on the day of their wedding was actually a Ferghana Horse? What? On the day of their wedding, the bride rode a BMW and whipped the general's house into flames? When she looked down on all the heroes and claimed that the great general was the horse she was riding, this magnificent feat incited a wave after wave of people's intense interest in her. All sorts of conspiracies and incidents occurred together. Exactly who did she choose to stand by and who did she laugh with until the end?! Whoever insulted her would be humiliated a hundredfold! Whoever bullied her would be deceived by a hundredfold! Join Collection