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First Grade Delicate Wife

First Grade Delicate Wife

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


In the previous life, she was Princess Huan, but she gave birth to the child of the Zhenbei King. All this, all thanks to her husband - Prince Huan! People thought they they are an inborn pair, but didn't know that there was only the throne and no woman in the heart of Prince Huan. In order to win the throne, Prince Huan did not hesitate to let her be humiliated by the other man on their big day. Afterwards, he even forced her to give birth to the child of Zhenbei King, trying to squeeze out the last trace of her value. Fortunately, she lives a lifetime again and has the chance to revenge! Prince Huan, Zhenbei King who took away her virginity, and all the despicable people who framed her, will go to hell! ☆About the Author☆ Jiu Wei Xiao Yao, a popular romance novel writer, has written First Grade Delicate Wife and Gold Medal Office Lady. Because the plot is not tardy and the character figure is distinct, the novel of Jiu Wei Xiao Yao is highly praised by readers.