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Flash Marriage: Billionaire’s Keen Love

Flash Marriage: Billionaire’s Keen Love

Modern Romance


Author : Yao Mei Er

Publisher : babelnovel


Mu Jingyan lightly smiled. Her dimples were faintly discernible on her cheeks, and she was as adorable as a fairy. On campus, she loved him to the bones with a single glance from far away, waiting for him for seven years without any complaints or regrets. Seven years later, Ruyi became his wife. Every day, he would fight with his mother-in-law's sister-in-law for wisdom and courage. Unexpectedly, his childhood sweetheart had returned! Li Chengrui, under his long and slightly curled eyelashes, with his dark and deep ice-cold eyes, was extremely charming and sexy. Seven years later, he decided she was the only woman in his life. He vowed to protect and spoil her for the rest of his life. He hid the incident from her and told her that he didn't want children and was angry at his wife for ten years. "Did something happen between me and you ten years ago?" If I meet you, I'll be with you for the rest of my life.