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Flash Marriage: CEO's Contract Wife

Flash Marriage: CEO's Contract Wife



Author : Ding Dingdangdang

Publisher : babelnovel


During the graduation party, Qing Huan had gotten drunk and had somehow managed to push down a man. Then, the god-like man looked at her coldly with a 100,000,000 yuan promissory note in his left hand and a small red book in his right hand, "Choose which one?" Qing Huan trembled in fear. "Choose … The red book. " The man smiled in satisfaction. Three months ago, Qing Huan had married the man with the highest status and the most money in Luo City. Everyone was envious of her. Three months later, the man became a cripple. His envious gaze turned into pity. Qing Huan pursed her lips, smiling so much that her eyes curved into crescents. "They say that not only are you crippled, you're not even going to lift a single finger." A certain someone who was trying hard to do some rehabilitation work asked, "Do you want to try?"