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Flash Marriage: CEO's Mysterious Bride

Flash Marriage: CEO's Mysterious Bride



Author : Mo Qian Xiao

Publisher : babelnovel


The blind CEO was actually married. This was big news!The whole company speculated about who the CEO's bride was, and there was a great deal of debate. As a junior employee of the company, she felt a headache coming on. How could she be so hot-headed that she could 'suddenly' become the CEO's wife? "I'll pay for your uncle's medical expenses." The CEO pointed to the cheque on the sofa. "The contract will be for two months. Two million will be yours when it expires." The CEO pointed to the prenuptial agreement at the side. Warm: There is no "cooperation" that cannot be negotiated, if there is, it can only mean that the other party's "sincerity" is not enough. Looking at the lady who signed the contract readily, the CEO's lips curled up. "You fell into my trap. Little thing, do you still want to run away?"