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Forced Marriage: Devil CEO, Let Me Go

Forced Marriage: Devil CEO, Let Me Go



Author : tian qin

Publisher : babelnovel


Because of the dissolution of a marriage contract, her life fell into endless darkness. When she thought someone was coming to help her, she didn't expect that another conspiracy was waiting for her. She was very dissatisfied with the marriage arranged by her parents. After trying everything to cancel the marriage contract, the man was so angry and forced her to go to his house as a maid! In this house, she suffered a lot, thinking that she would return to freedom as long as she obeyed, but the fact was not what she thought. When everyone was bossing her around, there came a man who was gentle and considerate to her. She thought she had found a lifeline, but she didn't know it was just a conspiracy... ☆About the Author☆ Tian Qin, a well-known online novelist, has a rich imagination, and her novels are loved by most readers with the ups and downs of the plot.