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Forget for the Rest of Life

Forget for the Rest of Life

Historical Romance


Author : Jiangling

Publisher : babelnovel


Even though he knew it was a conspiracy, he could only watch helplessly as his father and brother died on the battlefield. "Feng Rumo, how can you use me like this?! Those are my family members!" Gu Xin Jin cried as she asked. "In this battle for the throne, I must win!" Feng Rumo's face was emotionless. He clearly knew that she was framed by Lin Qinger, but he still unhesitatingly crippled her martial arts … "Feng Rumo, have you ever loved me?" "No, I only approached you for the sake of the entire Gu's Army!" But when she was about to pass away, he cried like a child, "I am wrong, Jin Er, I am wrong. Please forgive me this time, okay?" Gu Nian Jin thought she could forget about him, but she didn't expect this to last the rest of her life.