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Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife

Fox Husband vs. Cute Wife

Fantasy Romance


Author : you jian shan yi

Publisher : babelnovel


The Seal that had lasted for ten thousand years suddenly loosened, and Su He and Su He of the Penglai clan went down the mountain to look for Spiritual Treasures Of Heaven And Earth s to strengthen the Seal. At the foot of the mountain, they met the mysterious scholar Hua Yunshu. The three of them travelled together, but Hua Yunshu's attitude was ambiguous. With the arrival of a chaotic world, Devil Clan pressed down step by step, causing the world to become restless. Could Su He successfully stop the resurgence of Devil Clan? Humans were different, where would Su He and Hua Yunshu's relationship go? With the tribulation that followed, how was Su He going to deal with it? And looking at the clouds …