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Foxy Beauty Charms the World

Foxy Beauty Charms the World

Fantasy Romance


Author : Jin Muxi

Publisher : babelnovel


"Who said that foxes were bewitching? Who said that foxes cultivated to become immortals?" She, Hu Ying, did not like this! What Yuan Dan levelling up to hit small monsters? Her favorite source of money! And for the sake of more money, Hu Ying bid his farewell to his father and sister Sis. One had to know that the wine she brewed even made the deities of the nine heavens salivate! Drunk peach blossom, spring osmanthus flower, drinking to the point where all the nobles in the imperial city would have their Spirit Soul turned upside down. The "hualala" of money also ran into Hu Ying's bag like his legs. But just as Hu Ying was grinning from ear to ear, This wine aroma had even attracted the Northern Tang Dynasty's famous underworld prime minister! What, what?! "My wine was almost poisoned to death when it came to the little emperor?"