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General, Your Wife Wants You to Get Out

General, Your Wife Wants You to Get Out

Historical Romance


Author : Cheng Wang Qian An

Publisher : babelnovel


In this age of teleportation, it wasn't considered a standard thing to do without a few take-outs and a few golden fingers. A pair of cute and soft babies came for nothing. Su Zhi expressed that the child was too obedient and the cheap mother was nice in front of everyone. It was just that after her son's father died in battle, why did he use all his strength to push the man who was helping her raise a child? Heir: Oh ~ Whose baby is this? She looks so cute. I really want to hug his mother. A certain Prime Minister: Two of your family? What a coincidence! Even my home has two people. If you don't believe me, come and take a look. Until one day, the great general, whose name shook the whole world, appeared in front of Su Zhi's home. He had a fox-like smile on his face as he said to the two children, "Be good, call me dad, give me candy." Su Zhi: Which family is stronger, Darling of the Mountain Village? The general slashed in all directions.