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Genius Doctor and Her Monster King

Genius Doctor and Her Monster King

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


She was immortal and possessed the family's strongest medical skills. After transcending over a single generation, she became a destitute young miss that everyone could bully. As a young lady of the Commander's Estate, she was actually bullied? He was supposed to enjoy wealth and prosperity, but he was abandoned by his family. Foolish sister, sick mother, cruel servant … Her rebirth must change all this! However, this was originally her fate, but now there was an additional Demon Emperor that she had inadvertently released in the Ghost Domain! "He was ruthless and resolute, with ambition in his heart. However, he only followed her, this woman, obediently." What are you trying to do? " She said coldly. The journey to the afterlife is too boring, and you are very interesting! " A certain man said charmingly. Interesting, no one had ever said she was interesting! She had a silver needle in her hand, and since he said she was interesting, let him have a taste of what was truly interesting! Join Collection