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Ghost Law Executor

Ghost Law Executor



Publisher : babelnovel


The Avenger Alliance of a Psionic World that upholds justice! If I cannot protect you, then I must avenge you! Drowsy people who control divine power, strange people who like to play with insects, icy gods with coffins on their backs, and nine-tailed cats who love to flip tables. Wandering Secret Realm, Hanging Demon God, and Broken Crime Alliance's little friends, a story about how they roamed the world killing monsters. With the resurgence of King Solomon's forty-seventh demon god as the cause, a shocking war for the destruction of the demon gods erupted in the village of the Prime Minister … In this crusade, the existence and true identity of the person who was being executed under the law of the underworld was unluckily discovered by the club of tyrants. This became the fuse that led to the large-scale conflict between the Guildmaster Alliance and the Tyrant Club, supporting the various supernatural forces on both sides to join one after another. The supernatural world of later generations called the period of war, which was so great that even deities were alarmed by it, the era of collapse …