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God of Chaos

God of Chaos



Publisher : babelnovel


Because of these two mysterious and mysterious jade artifacts, his fate had undergone a tremendous change. From a mere 'junior of the Devil Dao' in the eyes of cultivators, he had become the savior of the cultivation world. Could he complete his mission and save the world of cultivation for the rest of his life? He, who had just entered the Immortal World, had been repeatedly intercepted and killed for no apparent reason. Who exactly was the mastermind behind this? Unwilling to be manipulated by fate, he tried to fight back, but was unexpectedly able to uncover a heaven-shaking conspiracy. The ethereal God Realm. How could he, who was deeply immersed in the war of gods, turn the tide and go all the way to the peak of the God Realm? Everything was in the [God of Chaos]. Close]