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Godly Choice System

Godly Choice System



Author : Ye Huo Fen Xin

Publisher : babelnovel


Ordinary high school students have obtained a god-level selection system. From then on, his choice could become stronger! Eh? Was there a beauty in front who needed help? Choice 1: Go up and support Fang Xue. Charm Value + 5, affability level + 30. Choice 2: Give Fang Xue a hot drink. Charm Points + 5, and Fang Xue's affability level: 20. Choice 3: Only children can make a choice, I want them all! "Reward Charm Points + 15, Fang Xue's affability level 60, and additional skill: flirting." A rich second generation bullying both men and women? Choice 1: Cooperate with the other party, reward 10,000 Evil Points. Choice 2: Speak righteously and teach the other party a lesson. Rewards: God level random skill. Ten million gold. In my life, there are choices everywhere. Everywhere I go, I get stronger! Group Number: 493973427