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Godly Pet Evolution System

Godly Pet Evolution System



Author : Nu Shui San Shan

Publisher : babelnovel


During the Desolate Era, Feng Youcai was bound to the "Divine Pet Evolution System", which allowed him to begin cultivating his Divine Pet. You said that a flower spirit is the one with the least potential for battle spirit? Hehe... The Queen of Thorns behind me wants to talk to you! You said that you have the strongest thunder-attribute battle spirit? Hehe... My Lord White Dragon tells you to think clearly about what you're saying! You said you have a Diamond Demonic Spirit Card? Hehe... Which of my three Epic-Demon Spirit Cards should I use? What? The Six-Tailed Demon Fox, the Phoenix Holy Maiden, and the Queen of the Seas have already started fighting for me. Do they all want to become my second battle spirit? Hehe... Kids make choices, I want them all!