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Godly Stay-Home Dad

Godly Stay-Home Dad



Author : Dan Wang Zhang

Publisher : babelnovel


How much can a daddy dote on his child? Zhang Han, shot down from the cultivation world when he was standing the test of God, returned to the earth. In memory of his previous life, it was in the current car race that Zhang Han was seriously injured and lost his arms. Of course, he would not be afraid after he came back. However, why there was a cute little girl always called him daddy. From then on, Zhang Han rents hills, opens restaurants and writes new songs...all for his most precious little princess. ☆About the Author☆ Dan WangZhang, a web novelist, has officially signed a contract with a novel website since 2017. So far, Shan Wang Zhang has written three novels, they are The Strongest City Cultivater, Godly Stay-Home Dad and Young Warriors Of Fate: Legendary Player.