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Godly Sword System

Godly Sword System



Author : Bai Zhan Chuan Lv Jia

Publisher : babelnovel


Yang Qi traversed the world of demons and devils, and activated the Sword Drawing System. He also obtained a supernatural technique: Billions of times Sword Draw. As long as he drew his saber, he would be able to obtain the number of blades he drew, and he would be able to become stronger! The number of blades he could draw could evolve his physique and weapon! "Ding!" "Consumption: 10,000 blade count evolution origin bodies." "Ding!" "Consumption: 300000 Black Iron Demonic Wolf Blade to evolve the Crimson Fire Confinement Saber." "Ding!" He has obtained a super heaven class technique that has drawn blades trillions of times, unlocked the first stage and pulled blades ten thousand times, and obtained ten million blade drawing numbers. "