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Grab a Handsome Guy as Strategist

Grab a Handsome Guy as Strategist

Historical Romance


Author : Hu Hu

Publisher : babelnovel


Mu Yizi felt that there was no one whose life was more reversed than her own. She was clearly a bandit who enjoyed robbing rich and poor men. How could she have known that the empress would take a fancy to her and make her a general? He casually picked up a small brother and thought that he was a pretty boy, but he turned out to be a powerful master? The general was doing well, and now he was going to be an empress? War spread throughout the territories of the eight kingdoms, fighting among the powerful and influential officials of the imperial court. A long spear and a folding fan. "Together, he and she wrote the heroic legend of the Golden Age Capital." "General, the Imperial Advisor has snuck into the palace again!" Don't call me General, call me Queen! "—" Handsome, I can see that you're very talented. Why don't you become my advisor? "Girl, since your mind is so simple, why don't you wait for me on the bed?"