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Grand Dote on the Soul Master

Grand Dote on the Soul Master

Historical Romance


Author : Wen Shi

Publisher : babelnovel


The Medical Saint Jun Lingyan, once dressed as the "Forsaken God, Ugly Beauty, Trash, Fantasy Girl", from then on, her valiant career began! Cousin frame-up? Do unto another what they do unto you! Imperial power bullying? Backhand take! The world is sneering? What does it have to do with me? One day, a certain woman glanced at a certain man, "If there's anything that obstructs the detoxification process, take it off!" "With a bitter face, a certain man stiffly and hesitantly took off his shirt." "Take them all!" "Your Highness! The wangfei, she … He was drinking tea with the Hua family's young master! "Have a nice chat!" He pushed the teahouse! The man stripped off his clothes and hung them up on the city gate! As for the princess … Everyone has a love for beauty, and liking beauties is not the fault of the wangfei, but the other party's fault for being beautiful! "