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Great Yin and Yang

Great Yin and Yang



Author : zi meng you long

Publisher : babelnovel


In an old house, I came across something unthinkable. No matter if it was day or night, I always felt that someone was watching me, and I always felt that the house was gloomy, and that my mental state was getting worse every day. Gradually, my consciousness started to blur, and I couldn't even tell who I was anymore. Just at that moment, I met someone, and it was him who told me what happened to me. It is trying to possess my body. It is the soul of the Yin Meridian, and I have the body of the Four Yang. Only with a body like mine can it completely fuse with my body. Wanting to drive it out of my body is not an easy matter. Since then, I have walked the long path of pursuing the Dao with its yin and yang body as well as two souls, creating an immortal legend.