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Hard Road to Hierarch

Hard Road to Hierarch



Publisher : babelnovel


His body rose and fell with the martial arts world, his sword was like a divine dragon from the heavens. Who said that the days of chivalry would come to an end? After the difficult battle in Ming Dynasty, the whereabouts of Emperor Jianwen were unknown. Fang Xiao and his distant relatives Fang Hui were adopted in Jiuhua Mountain by the Old Testament Alliance. Hou Ren Zong pardoned the son of an old official of the Huidi, Fang Hui went on a tour of Jianghu. Coincidentally, he came across Ming Sect's Yu Clan, Guo Daxian's descendant in Song Dynasty, ancient tomb's descendant, and so on, and learned the Great Universal Dimensional Technique. His skills gradually deepened, and he gazed upon Wu Lin, tidying up Ming Sect's old tribe, and finally establishing the Sun Moon Divine Sect. Reader Group: 132298437, I sincerely hope you can give us some good suggestions, improve the author's level, and develop new ideas. Close]