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Heavenly Super Spoiler Chat Group

Heavenly Super Spoiler Chat Group



Author : Feng Xi

Publisher : babelnovel


Passing through the alternate world, Lin Feng opened the chat group that linked the ten thousand worlds. Yu Wenzhao Spot: Group Owner, can you really help this old man realize my dream of ninja realm peace? Lin Feng: Relax, with just one punch from me, I can destroy Hui Ye Ji's strength. Isn't helping you unify the Ninja World a piece of cake? Silver Balls: Ah, hey. Speaking of which, Captain Blue Dye seems to be pretty amazing after fusing with Collapse Jade. Could the owner of the group really help me take back Chaotic Flower's soul? Lin Feng: Don't worry. Do you think a mere Lan Lian can withstand my punch? Sun Wukong: @ Lord of the dogs, they said that they will come to save Old Sun from the Five Fingers Mountain, and it took so long for them to come. Could it be that they are scared and don't dare to come? Lin Feng: "Why are you so anxious? Didn't I already tell you? There are no problems that cannot be solved with a single punch." If there was, it would be two punches.