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Her Male God Loves to Spoil Her

Her Male God Loves to Spoil Her

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Chen Ke had a wish in life. One day, he would definitely get Bai Tinshu, a male student from the general public. "However, the further you go, the harder it becomes." "Bai Tinshu, I feel that I won't be able to catch up to you. I can't do it anymore." How could a good person say he was no good? "Come, I will stand still." "You are too naive. Do you think that I can catch you just by standing still?" "Then …" Sweet words, sweet words, moreover more and more sweet, afraid to eat sugar, hurry up and cross! It said, "Discovery is not sweet at all, this is simply a pet, a pet!" Don't look, don't look pull down ~ Note: Reward 1000 + 1 +, such as 1000, 2000, 3000, and so on, cumulative over 1000. Join Collection