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Her Super CEO

Her Super CEO



Publisher : babelnovel


"Marry me and I'll avenge you!" After being betrayed by her stepsister and boyfriend and being framed by her vicious stepmother, she lost her virginity to an unfamiliar man on the night of her wedding. He had initially thought that he had fallen to the bottom and did not want to be proposed to the president of the empire that night! Lu Bai was the CEO of Asia's number one multinational group, the most terrifying man in the business world. Rumor has it that he had the largest financial empire behind him, and there had never been a woman by his side before. An Xia'er thought, who cares about him? It was best to be her CEO's wife and torture trash. However, life after marriage gradually changed — "What do you mean? Didn't you say that we were secretly married? " "Wifey, I will definitely hide. I will also tell the whole world to come and hide for us." "The prenuptial agreement can't be announced, right?" "The prenuptial agreement also says that you have to give me a child …" The CEO doted on her to the heavens and pampered her. One child, three treasures had come! An Xia'er, who was supporting herself on the waist, was dumbfounded. This coquettish old man, Big Ash Wolf!