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Hidden Marriage And Sweet Wife

Hidden Marriage And Sweet Wife



Publisher : babelnovel


In order to save the family's interests, Jane closed her eyes and married real estate tycoon Huo Jingqing. As soon as she married her husband, she left the country. As long as he had the title of the Young Madam, he would not need to open his legs or be affected. He could easily save the family group, and he would be able to smile even if he were to sleep. Who knew, the four year engagement is about to expire, but the husband is back! Wasn't he uninterested in women? Every time he saw her, she would pounce on him like a hungry wolf! What the hell was this!? Every time, his legs would go soft and he would have to cooperate in various ways. "Damn, this landlord doesn't even have any food left!" "Your Honor, I request a divorce." "Reason?" "I …" My husband is a hungry wolf that can't be fed!