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Hidden Marriage: Cold Husband Get out

Hidden Marriage: Cold Husband Get out



Author : cheng cheng

Publisher : babelnovel


"Pah!" With a slap, she viciously slapped him in the face and angrily cursed, "Scum!" "Scum?" Heh … These two words are more suitable for you. " He tightly held her hand with a cold glint in his eyes. He was the richest man in A city, he was worth hundreds of billions of dollars, he was indifferent and restrained. This was the first time he was tricked by a "bad" woman, and the worst thing was, she actually dared to take the ball and run. "Woman, do you dare not take responsibility after eating?" See you in five years. Her hands were tied to the steel pipe by his tie. Fear grew in her. What if he provoked a demon? "Waiting online is quite urgent."