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His Adorable Wife

His Adorable Wife

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Was it wrong to fight against injustice? Is it wrong to help a good friend redeem their love? However, she had accidentally ruined his black guy blind date, and her suit had been smeared with coffee stains. Are you that petty to ask for an astronomical figure of five million? But Nani, she went back as a female companion to give her grandpa her birthday greetings. In the end, she met her real boyfriend and Xiao San, who even bragged that she was an old maid. What happened to the old maid? Some people liked being an old spinster. She had just been saved by the black guy and was still calculating whether her appearance fee would be cheaper when she was dragged into the Civil Affairs Bureau. She couldn't believe that she had just married like this, holding her marriage certificate. However, he doted on her and it made her feel as if she had entered heaven. However, who knew when she would fall from heaven …