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His Majesty is Scheming

His Majesty is Scheming

Fantasy Romance


Author : tian qin

Publisher : babelnovel


HE: What? I will be south for two months. Mu Fei is pregnant with Yi Yue? Someone! Send this disloyal woman into the cold palace! SHE: When I woke up, I was sent to live with crazy women in the Cold Palace for no reason. What? Was she ugly? She couldn't keep the baby? Even if she wanted to hang herself? What kind of emperor was this?! When she raised her head, she was stunned. It was him? That cold and bloodthirsty man! Very good, a new round of war had begun! He was going to send her to the Valley of Death to reflect on her for a year? Just go! A year later, she said, It's fun here. I'm not going back to the palace. He:% #%... * He doesn't want a child? Humph! It doesn't matter, at most This Miss will secretly raise it. Xiao Bao Bao: Mother, why are you dressing me up like a pet dog? SHE: Because. Because you are a child that no one wants, everyone wants to beat you up. Xiao Bao Bao: I really miss Royal Father. Got it! He sneaked into the palace to ask Royal Father for some sweets. He: Damn it, where did this weird dog come from!