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His Sweet Wife Is No Joke

His Sweet Wife Is No Joke

Modern Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


Five years ago, a night of infatuation had transformed An Xiao Yi's entire life; four years ago, a fire had robbed him of his last hope; when she thought that this was the origin of all the misery of her life, she found that she was always a step away from the truth. The truth that was locked in place was firmly grasped in the hands of the man she could not escape from … Fragment 1: An Xiaoyi smacks the table: Xu Ruiyao, when are you going to return the child to me? Xu Ruo Yao raised an eyebrow: "Wait till you give me another one." Fragment 2: Anxiang: It's all because of you taking me everywhere, this month's magazine is going to open the skylight again! Xu Rui Yao: "What are you afraid of? I'm here when the sky falls." An Xiaoyi: I'm not afraid of the heavens. I'm afraid of you. My waist still hurts … Hey, hey, hey, where are you putting your hands?! Xu Xiaole: Mom, when are you going to give me a sister to play with? Join Collection