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His Wife's Life-Changing Road

His Wife's Life-Changing Road

Historical Romance


Publisher : babelnovel


This was the battle history of a concubine ascending to the position of a matriarch from a young age. This was a cold man who could afford to make a living, who could afford to make a living. He was a good husband who was gentle to his wife. As a concubine in a foreign world, her goal was to lead the silver, save some small money, and fight for the chance to become a retailer in order to escape into the martial arts world to return to being single. From then on, the sky was like a vast ocean, with fish leaping about and birds soaring in the sky … As the owner of the predestined Ling Villa, he had an aloof personality and an unparalleled cold appearance. Despite exuding a cold aura that intimidated people at first glance, there were still countless admirers around. He had seen many different kinds of women, many of them like the stars, but he had never met a girl like her, who was so 'rebellious'. As his legal concubine, he didn't fight for favors, didn't flirt with her, wasn't considerate, and didn't "go up the stairs", completely deviating from the path that a normal concubine should take. However, luckily, he was good at scheming, and was definitely not an easy opponent. Since he was not the only one in the mountain, he could only take the initiative to realize his "wife-forming plan" step by step. The article was simple, both men and women were experts in the dark. New post, I hope my loved ones will support me … Join Collection