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How To Be Wechat Businessmen

How To Be Wechat Businessmen



Author : Yan Zhi

Publisher : babelnovel


This is a story of bad people. WeChat is just a small merchant selling goods on the mobile end, they mainly use WeChat as a platform for network promotion. My name is Lin Jian, I am just a WeChat merchant, a group that many people avoid. My tiny life in this vast network, but truth, life and death, betrayal and love and hate of the entanglement, let me not only in this one. If the lover, do not see clear hearts, bloody gains and losses and always let me doubt: friends and enemies are not really the same? Looking back, the shopping mall full of profits will always have a method and endless struggle that you and I can't figure out. "There are no black and white in this place. There is only a fight to the death." So how could there be a good person, he was really fickle.