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I am a Dragon

I am a Dragon



Publisher : babelnovel


The first mission he accepted after returning from the battlefield was to marry a girl who he had never met! But why did he thinks she is so cute? His name was Long. After being sent to the African battlefield by his CEO father, he became a special talent with superb ability. As soon as he returned to his home country, he accepted a wonderful task--marry a strange girl and have children. He heard that this woman was ugly. Despite his deep reluctance, under the temptation to complete this task, he was allowed to not go to the battlefield, he accepted it. The task went very smoothly at the beginning. Under the cooperation of the girl's parents, they completed the wedding ceremony within one day. To his surprise, the girl was not ugly, but surprisingly beautiful! He had only wanted to complete the task quickly, but now he changed his mind. How could he encounter such a favorite girl and leave her? ☆About the Author☆ CX Xian Sheng, an excellent author of online novels, has superb writing skills. His novels have distinctive characteristics, with a humorous language and a simple style, which have been loved by most people.