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I Conquer the World For My Duke

I Conquer the World For My Duke

Historical Romance


Author : Xia Chu Nuan Sheng

Publisher : babelnovel


the daughter of the chemistry department's genius bo dai who had transmigrated to the rank 3 assistant minister his zither never expected that his life after transcending worlds would be like this brilliant originally because of his lack of talent and virtue he had been forced to end the engagement however after his soul had changed hands he had become the target of all the young masters of the capital during the ceremony he came before her after hiding for six years and suffering from a serious illness his face had been ruined because of a battle she quirked her brows in ridicule master hou sure knows that your hopes are slim but he still strives to fight he truly loves me dearly he nodded his head miss bai's fate can dissolve the calamity that this marquis encountered it is a perfect match for this marquis this marquis naturally falls in love with you at first sight