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I'll Take This CEO

I'll Take This CEO



Author : Xian Yulingxiaoge

Publisher : babelnovel


In a car accident, she had offended this handsome monster for a short period of time, which resulted in her only being able to live a life of torture under his surveillance. Even meeting a game online friend had to be interfered with! It wasn't easy for her to finish her punishment. She had offended him for stealing his first kiss, causing her poor lips to be subjected to crazy treatment. For this, she expressed an angry protest, but it was to no avail! She could only try her best to unlock the password to Luo Xian's safe, then crazily buy them. After strolling around for a day, she was so tired that her feet were aching as she waited for him to kick her out. Unexpectedly, he gently rubbed her feet, took out a legendary black card, and said: "Is my wife rich enough? Not enough, there's more here. " Nani? Who was his wife!?