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I'm Not Devil King's Wet Nurse!

I'm Not Devil King's Wet Nurse!



Author : Pa Qiang De Xing Hong

Publisher : babelnovel


Can't I be wrong? In the beginning, I was the one who made you stupid. Although the way I transmigrated was wrong, I was responsible. But why are you still holding on to me? You've already recovered from your stupidity and turned from a fool to a world-shaking Demon Emperor! I'm not a wet nurse! "Xuan." With a domineering expression, Feng Wuqing dragged the person onto the bed. Ling Xuan's hand was tightly clutching the floor, leaving behind ten parallel lines. "Damn!" Let go of your father! I'm not your wet nurse! And I am straight! " A new pit had been opened. It was a clear sign of elation. My own mother has a strong character, definitely HE!