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I Will Marry You

I Will Marry You



Author : Fei You You

Publisher : babelnovel


When she was deep in the pain of being betrayed, a man embraced her and said to her: I will marry you. Because of the betrayal of her boyfriend and best friend, and the endless demands for money from her mother and brother, she was under great pressure. She felt that no one would love her and could hardly see the hope of life. Just when she was desperate, a CEO with a good body and temperament came to her and said: "Is that you the girl that night? If you want, I will marry you, and I will give you anything you want!" She couldn't refuse such a temptation. In him, she regained the feeling of being loved. But should she forgive him for that night? ☆About the Author☆ Fei Youyou, an excellent online novelist. Her novel has ups and downs in plots and sincere emotions, and is very popular with readers.