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Immemorial War God

Immemorial War God



Publisher : babelnovel


A generation of emperor Mo Feng died in the enemy's siege, but he was reborn at the age of 17, a year after he became a waste. Once upon a time, Mo Feng was a gifted young man, but he was attacked by others when he returned home gloriously. His meridians were all broken and he lost all his cultivation. Afterwards, his parents were murdered, and he was reduced to a humble slave in Mo family. His childhood sweetheart was also tortured to death by the Wang family of Cang Xuan City. What surprises Mo Feng most is thathe found that the meridians in his body are now intact after his rebirth. There was a jade plate surrounded by milky light revolving in his Dantian. This jade plate was the treasure he obtained last life, and it's also the reason why three emperors cooperated to kill him. In the previous life, he had the supreme position and power but was full of regret. This life, with the memory of more than a thousand years , he will solve all the grudges and leave no regrets! ☆About the Author☆ Ming Ye, oriental fantasy novel writer, his debut is Immemorial War God.